Following are some suggestions for interesting activities for visitors during your stay in Trinity:

Visit Museums, Interpretation Centers, Working Forge, Fort Point Military Site. The Province of Newfoundland and the Trinity Historical Society (‘THS’) operate a number of sites around the village. For a single fee visitors have a pass to all that the THS has to offer – click on ‘Our Sites’ at the THS website for details.   A quick look-through could take a couple of hours; more leisurely in-depth exploration of these sites could occupy a day.

Whale-watching and iceberg tours. There are a couple of whale watching tour operators in town. We’ll be happy to direct you to the one of your choice. Reservations are required – we can do this on your behalf if you wish.

Icebergs outside of Trinity Harbour

Rising Tide Theater & The Trinity Pageant. Opening in summer 2021. See following page ‘Dates’ for more details and the dates on which various Theatre performances occur.

Explore the Discovery Geopark. The upper part of the Bonavista Peninsula offers the visitor unparalleled views of spectacular geological formations formed over some half a billion years. One of the sites is right within Trinity (Gun Hill Trail) and the remaining locations are all within an easy drive of the village. For detailed information on each of the ten sites in the Park, with maps, directions and guidelines as to what to see and do, visit the GeoPark website at <>.

Random Passage Site Tour. The Random Passage Site was originally created for the filming of a popular television historical mini-series, Random Passage, based on two books by Bernice Morgan. The story follows a small group of early settlers in Newfoundland, exploring their lives, hardships, triumphs and losses. The site is located in New Bonaventure, approximately 15 km from Trinity at the end of Hwy 239. It consists of a remarkably authentic reproduction of a small outport settlement in the 1800’s. Following completion of filming, the site was taken over by a small non-profit group from Bonaventure village. For a reasonable fee, visitors are shown around the site, with accompanying descriptions of how life was in the period over which the Random Passage tale took place. A very worthwhile excursion – stop at the Random Passage tearoom for lunch or nearby Joe’s Place for traditional Newfoundland fare. (The moose stew is excellent!)

Rugged Beauty Boat Tour. (Closed in 2020) This 3 hour boat tour takes the visitor to three now-abandoned outport communities (Kerley’s Harbour, Ireland’s Eye and British Harbour). Operated by Bruce Miller – who grew up in Kerley’s Harbour prior to Resettlement – it provides fascinating descriptions of life in Newfoundland’s isolated fishing outports in the mid 20th century. Highly recommended. For further details, please ask us or check out Bruce’s website at

Trinity Historical Walking Tour. An award-winning 2½ hour walking tour through Trinity, hosted by Kevin Toope, born in a local outport and raised in Trinity village. Kevin is a wealth of information on the history and characters of the village and has conducted this tour for the past 20 years, introducing Trinity to thousands of visitors. For further details see the brochure in Christian’s Croft, ask us for details or check out Kevin’s website at

Summer Concert Program at the Anglican Church. (No activities in 2020). See following page ‘Dates’ for more details and the dates on which concerts are scheduled.

Hiking – the Skerwink Trail. A ‘must’ for all visitors to the area is a leisurely hike over this spectacular trail – ranked among the finest in Canada. Of moderate difficulty, the hike will take about two hours. The trail commences about 10 km from Trinity, in nearby Trinity East. Bring your camera and/or binoculars and pick up a picnic sandwich before departure at the nearby Peace Cove Inn restaurant.

Hiking – other nearby options. There are many spectacular  hikes nearby Trinity village – Gun Hill, Fox Island, Horse Chops, Cat Cove. Kerley’s Harbour, British Harbour to name a few. They vary from a relatively easy 30 minutes to a quite challenging all-day walk. We are both avid hikers and can provide detailed advice and directions to any with interest.

Fox Island hiking trail

Trinity Summer Festival. (Cancelled in 2020) See following page ‘Dates’ for more details and the dates of the Trinity Festival and Trinity Garden Party and Auction.